The Need

We are principally involved in the provision of pile instrumentation and pile static load test services to construction projects. Pile instrumentation forms part of the static load test process where a series of calibrated instruments including strain gauges and extensometers are installed within the pile body, while other calibrated instruments including displacement transducers and precise levels, are set up on ground to collect reaction data of the test piles during static load testing. 


Pile static load test, also known as maintained load test, is a process that leverages on weights or reactions provided and applied through hydraulic jacks to test the load carrying or bearing capacity of foundation piles. It is crucial in forming a solid foundation for construction works, as it examines the ground conditions as well as the design parameters and installation techniques of piles to ensure the piles bored or driven into the ground can withstand the designated load of the structure built on top.

Pile Static Load Test

As per industry practice, pile instrumentation works in pile static load test are typically performed by independent parties instead of the piling companies or construction companies to ensure independence in data collection.

We provide pile instrumentation and static load test services to multiple types of construction projects, comprising landed buildings such as terrace and shop lots, low-rise buildings such as low-rise flats and shopping complexes, high-rise buildings such as condominiums, purpose-built offices and skyscrapers, industrial buildings as well as infrastructure such as power plants, highways and tunnels.