Glostrext WiNA Platform is a web-based platform developed by our Group and is used in our off-site structural and ground instrumentation and monitoring services where data collected at site (construction projects, existing buildings, bridges, tunnels, dams and slopes) will be visualised and presented on a real time basis.

For off-site monitoring, we will install a series of sensors that are equipped with IoT features on site as per our service plan. These sensors will be configured to wirelessly connect to a gateway for data transmission to our Glostrext WiNA platform. As such, the data collection is automated. The data will also be automatically monitored where our customers will be alerted via our Glostrext WiNA platform in the event that any outlier data are collected based on the pre-determined alert levels, on a real time basis. From time to time, our customers can generate a data report from our Glostrext WiNA platform for analysis. 

WiNA Platform


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